Welcome to Ultra Portable Digital QRP. This webpage augments our Facebook group of the same name. This blog is a place for sharing, learning or presenting practical ideas and field experience for Ultra Portable Amateur Digital comms.

What is Ultra Portable Amater Digital?

An Ultra Portable Amateur Digital station is a station designed to be backpack portable, hotel deployable, as small and lightweight as possible in order to take it with you anywhere you go. It doesn’t matter if thats a hotel room, beach, SOTA expedition, picnic in the forest, or any number of crazy places where ham radio digital modes can be deployed.

For the most part, you’ll find Android, Linux and some Windows based solutions on the blog. Overall, the goals of the blog & group are to enable operators to deply Ultra Portable Digital kits with minimal gear, while maximising their digital comms capabilities.

Sharing is greaty encouraged! Your gear, your kits, your deployments will certainly help others get their start in Ultra Portable Digital QRP activations.

Why QRP?

Many of todays Digital modes can be decoded far below the noise floor. So realistically, there is no reason to put out a hundred watts, when 5-20w will do. For example, I work almost exclusively QRP 5w, regardless of the mode. For emergency communications, or running net ops, I may use a maximum of 50w, but 20w usually does the job.

73 de Julian OH8STN