Chameleon Hybrid Micro Baseline WSPR results.

Today I started WSPR testing with the Chameleon Hybrid Micro in endfed configuration. The goal is to create  set of baseline WSPR figures, with which to compare all other antennas.

The Chameleon Hybrid Micro is very much like a Ford F150 pickup truck. As long as you have some sort of support for it, it will do most of the work we need it to do, in a variety of configurations.

The configuration is not the best but it is my most often used and deployed.

  • 12m sloping from tower to south east.
  • Hybrid Micro is at 5 meters outside window, end of wire is elevated to tower stand-off.
  • 5 meter counterpoise wire drooping to ground
  • 5 meters of RG-174U to shack

I’ll do 24 hours runs on 20m, 30m, 40m, 80m, and 160m. Periodically, the tests will be repeated for time of year, and solar activity.

When the tests are all completed, i’ll create a page and share the link. this way everyone using a WSPRLite or crunhing the numbers themselves, can use the figures for comprison against their own antenna. 

If you have results for the chameleon hybrid micro please share your results on your blog/webpage. Don’t forget to link this post to it.

Perhaps we can do this for a variety of antennas, making a useful comparison database!?

  • magnetic loops
  • endfed
  • dipole
  • yagi

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