30M WSPRLite run with Super Antenna MP1DXMX

Previously I made a WSPR run on 40M with the MP1DXMAX on 40m. I wasn’t perfectly happy with the heard results, so I’ve changed tactics. Rather than giving more power output to force the results we are searching for, I have decided to take the opposite direction. 200mw into the WSPRlite from SOTABEAMS. 

Watch the MP1DXMAX Intro video on YouTube
Reducing power will allow us to see what the antenna is doing, and what the band is doing. Moreover, we will be able to compare the results to other nearby stations on the band. I’m waiting for the low pass filter kit from SOTABeams before I can start 80, 60, and 40m testing. For now, these initial results are on 30m.

Actually, based on my first impressions from 40m, I’m happy to get these results on 30m. Average distance of WSPR contacts was roughly 2k km. Not bad at all for 200mw. Now I suspec my results for 40m could be imporved with improvements in deployment height, and (perhaps) operating location. We do not always havbe the choice of operating location, but configuration we are almost always in control of.
Results at the end of the page.


  • 200mw TX
  • MP1C Super Slider
  • SW1 Titanium Super Whip
  • MC2 Superplexer
  • MC2 Superplexer extension
  • All band counterpoise kit
  • UM2 Universal mount on a 1.5m tripod

This will remain my defult test configuration for this antenna. I might also try other configurations for kicks and giggles, since I have the equipment to do so.

    I’ll continue testing when the LPF arrives and I build it. Until then, I’ll stay around 30/20 meters bands.

    de oh8stn

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