40M WSPR on the MP1DXMAX 

Today I setup on the backyard patio to do some WSPR work with the Super Antenna MP1DXMAX. This was more about collecting additional material for the upcoming video,  than anything else. Still, it gave me more quality time with Super Antennas new flagship. 

The RX report range was as expected, but the number of stations usually hearing me on 40m, was less than I expected. No need to be alarmed, just an observation during todays testing.

As I get more experience with this new antenna, I’ll be able to find the optimal configuration for the it. Then we can squeeze out every bit of its potential. I’ll come back to to the testing over the next days and weeks. 

Still the MP1DXMAX is an amazing toolbox. Lightweight & small breakdown size, make this a dream to carry. 

Watch the MP1DXMAX Intro video on to YouTube
I used the WSPR Test Kit for todays test. I kind of blew it with the release of that video,  but I’m still very happy  with a Linux based WSJTX/FLDIGI based 12v netbook as the basis for TX/RX WSPR field testing, and as a lightweight, low current draw digital field station sharing the qrp battery pack with my 817.

No counterpoise tangles this time, but I’m sticking to the wire winder side of the argument 😉

de oh8stn 

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