24 hours of WSPR and an Endfed

Yesterday I setup the Chameleon Hybrid Micro in a simple east west inverted V configuration. I ran WSPR for 24 hours @ 500mw through the FT-817nd, ZLP MiniProSC and Chameleon Hybrid Micro. The results speak for themselves.

The thing is, RX is just as important as TX results. Even at 500mw, Europe is pretty much covered, inpart because of WSPRs ability to be decoded far below the noise floor. Still the antennas ability to help pull out those weak signals plays a huge part in it.

During last weekends FSQ party, an operator asked me “Why couldn’t he hear any stations?” The answer should be simple! We need to reduce as much of the local noise as possible, use as efficient an antenna as our local operating conditions allow,  and choose the right band for the atmospheric conditions.

Weak signal work is not easy, but it is possible! Even in times of low solar activity.


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